After sales

Another reason that VDL Bus & Coach distinguish among the Automotive Industry of Europe is the significant difference in quality level of After Sales Service, meaning the provided services after the Sell of a new VDL.

A big number, for the European Standards, of human work force in the Netherlands, consisted of specialists mechanics and engineers, take care of the maximum serviceof the VDL coach owners along with the authorized workshops for the safe run of the Coach from the day of last check before delivery till the last day of its working life.

An important milestone for the developing of After Sales Service has been the creation of the on-line BASIS (Bova After SalesInformation System) on 2000. More specific, BASIS is an information Net Field in the Internet, where all the After Sales Serviceof every country communicate to each other and put down every incident of the operation of VDL Coaches, along with personal technical comments. For example, every malfunction of a VDL is registered there and at the end of every week is examined from the departments of “Research and Development”  trying to solve immediately production issues and from the other hand to solve solely problems effectively.

BASIS has a huge success if we take under consideration that the possible damages that could lead to a “brakedown” have been reduced to a negligible percentage, while the prevention has raised, with maximum burden some 2 hours in a workshop.

Another important advantage of After Sales Service of VDL Bus & Coach is the cooperation with “ITS” (International Truck Service), that along with the perfect support of DAF, a 24 hours on the spot support is given all over Europe in more that 1000 spots.

From the summer of 2003 there is a service line, answering to technical questions and parts, but also to info of used VDL coaches, that the change of owners lead to ignorance the last owner of the mechanical parts of his coach.

The workshop network of our coaches, is constantly on a rising course providing special seminars from the Factory’s specials twice a year, so that diagnose and repair can be a simple case and not an Odyssey for the owner and the driver.

Finally, genuine VDL parts, are an important issue for long and correct usage of our coaches but beautification of our coaches also, available from our representation in our central facilities on Leof. Athinon 218, with reasonable prices aiming to encourage the owners to obtain original parts without being scared of cost.

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