Citea LLE Electric 9,9 meters length variant

VDL Bus & Coach introduces the Citea LLE Electric

The recently introduced new length variant of the VDL Citea LLE, the Citea LLE-99, is also available in a fully electric version. VDL Bus & Coach combines the Light Low Entry concept with an efficient, quiet electric powertrain. The introduction of the 9.9 metre variant means that areas with lower passenger volume can now also benefit from zero emission public transport.

Expansion VDL Bus & Coach Electric range
The development of the VDL Citea LLE Electric is an important step in the expansion of VDL Bus & Coach's zero emission electric bus range. Complementing the successful Citea SLF Electric (Low Floor) for standard city transport and the SLFA Electric (Low Floor Articulated) for transport of larger numbers of passengers, the Citea LLE-99 Electric now also provides a solution for city and regional bus lines with lower passenger counts. 
The Citea LLE-99 Electric is built with a 150 kW electric motor and 180 kWh battery pack. Like the traditional LLE, which is known as the lightweight champion, the kerb weight remains very low, resulting in an exceptionally efficient bus that sets a new standard in terms of average energy consumption. To further optimize operational use is it possible to install a pantograph system in addition to the standard charging connector, allowing rapid charging at up to 270 kW.

Ready for the future
With increasing demand for electric buses, the direction public transport will be taking in the future is clear. VDL Bus & Coach are convinced that with the continuous development and expansion of the Citea Electric range they can meet the demand for zero emission public transport in the very near future. By continuously optimizing the electric powertrain options and battery packs, this future will be clean, quiet and efficient as far as VDL Bus & Coach is concerned.

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