Special length variant VDL Futura FMD2 delivered to Söne Buss in Sweden

In June, 10 VDL Futuras FMD2-148 were delivered to Söne Buss of Sweden. This 14.8-metre length variant was produced especially for Söne Buss. The Futura FMD2-148 3-axle coach is suitable for various types of deployment, and its extra length enables it to meet the specific requirements of the Swedish customer. The Futuras will be used for public transport service in Karlskoga, in the middle of Sweden.

VDL Futura FMD2
The VDL Futura FMD2, which won the IBC Economy Award last year, is known for its high profitability, which this length variant also provides. The vehicle is ideal for both touring and intercity work. For the operator, the Futura FMD2 means ‘Profit of Ownership’. The low net weight, reduced fuel consumption, high passenger capacity, generous luggage space and low running costs make the Futura FMD2 a highly profitable investment. 
Söne Buss has specifically opted for the Futura FMD2-148/440 with a length of 14.8 metres. This special 3-axle Futura features seating for 57+1+1 in a spacious arrangement and is equipped with a wheelchair lift at the middle entrance. The Futura FMD2-148 was specially built for Söne Buss to accommodate the large numbers of passengers, which plays a particularly important role in the winter. The Futura is also equipped with a winter package that includes extras such as additional heating at the doors due to the cold climate.

Söne Buss AB
Söne Buss AB is one of the largest family owned Swedish bus companies. The bus company was founded in 1927 by Albert Gustafsson and is now run by the third generation, granddaughter Maria Gustavsson and her brother Christian Plyhm. With a fleet of 200 buses and coaches, the company provides local, regional and long-distance services mainly in southern Sweden. Söne Buss AB also operates ten bus depots at various locations in the south of Sweden. The new VDL Futuras will operate out of the Karlskoga depot and will be put in service on bus line 500 between Örebro and Karlskoga.

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